Reconciliation during COVID-19

Now that the weather is improving, we will begin to offer face-to-face, individual Confessions by appointment in the weeks ahead. These will take place by an individual appointment with one of our priests and will be held outside in the fresh air. The weather must be amenable for the appointment, both priest and penitent must wear a face mask and practice proper social-distancing during the Confession.

For more information or to schedule a time for Confession, please contact our Collaborative Office at (978) 346-8604 or (978) 462-2724.





IC: Saturdays: 3:00pm to 3:30pm, and by appointment.

HR: Saturdays before the 4:00pm Mass, and by appointment

Reconciliation is the sacramental celebration of God's forgiveness and merciful love. The penitent is reconciled with God and also with the Church, the Body of Christ.