Faith Formation

 HRIC Collaborative Director of Lifelong Faith Formation: Aaron Giard / 978-462-2724 x 7405 / [email protected]
HRIC Collaborative Assistant to Lifelong Faith Formation: Melinda Burrell / 978-462-2724 x 7420 / [email protected]
HRIC RCIA Program Director: Marin Fortune / 978-462-2724 / [email protected]

2020 Summer Faith Formation Session

We have regretfully decided that, in light of all of the COVID guidelines that are in place to insure everyone's safety, a program such as ours is just not possible. Please see below for details on our Fall, Winter, Spring program that will make it easier for you to bring faith formation into the school year, even with busy schedules.

First Communion 2020

As restrictions lift this Summer, we are able to hold limited First Communion services for children who would have received in May. Parents have a few options. Either way, plan that only immediate family will be able to attend (unless you wait until Spring, but even that remains unknown!)

1) Children receive at a regular Sunday Mass, after signing up. Right now, Mass is being celebrated at Immaculate Conception at 11:30 AM and St. Ann's Church at 9:30 AM only.

2) Children attend a stand-alone Mass with their peers on a weeknight this Summer. 

Immaculate Conception Parish has TWO dates: July 27th and July 31st, both at 6:00 PM

Holy Redeemer Parish has ONE date, at St. Ann's Church in West Newbury: August 3rd at 6:00 PM

3) Children wait until Fall (or Spring), when family is comfortable. Dates TBD.

Please contact Aaron Giard ([email protected]) to let him know your choice.

Confirmation 2020

We are still intending to hold Confirmation Liturgies on September 26th for IC (1:00 PM and 4:00 PM) and October 31st for HR (1:00 PM), but they may change as we get closer to the dates, depending on "Phases" with this pandemic. Plan that you will most likely only be able to have immediate family and the sponsor present.

We still intend to have a retreat for Confirmation, even if it has to be online. You may choose September 12th (9:30 AM - 5:00 PM) or 13th (9:00 AM - 4:30 PM).

Keep in mind deadlines for turning in information to us. 

Immaculate Conception Parish:

  • Confirmation Saint and Sponsor names: August 7th
  • Letter to Bishop Hennessey: August 14th

Holy Redeemer Parish:

  • Confirmation Saint and Sponsor names: September 18th
  • Letter to Bishop Hennessey: September 25th


As we continue to receive guidelines from the Archdiocese, we will keep families informed of any pertinent information. Please feel free to call or email the Faith Formation Office with any questions or concerns you might have. We will respond as soon as possible.


2020-2021 Lifelong Faith Formation Information

We are ready to release some details on our new Faith Formation for the coming year. Registration Forms and fees will be loaded up at the beginning of August. We are currently waiting to see what the school districts decide in order to make some final decisions about 2nd Grade and 6th-8th Grade Faith Formation. Thank you for your patience. Please keep in mind, our programs will not start until October this year.

Pre-K through 5th Grade: Project Nazareth

Please start by reading this short letter on our new direction in Faith Formation:

Click HERE for Word doc, Click HERE for PDF.

After reading the short letter, please see the structure and important information on Project Nazareth:

Click HERE for Word doc, and HERE for PDF.

For a SAMPLE of a week's resources for Project Nazareth, click HERE.

Our 6th-8th grade Faith Formation is currently being revised

2020-2021 Sacramental Preparation

Our 2nd Grade First Reconciliation/First Communion Preparation is currently being revised.

Confirmation Prep (9th-10th Grade)

Click HERE for Word doc, and HERE for a PDF.