Collaborative Pastoral Council


HRIC Collaborative Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council for the Holy Redeemer - Immaculate Conception Collaborative recently welcomed new members, established terms of service for members and elected officers. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Pastor on matters of importance to the Collaborative. Since February, the original members have been focused primarily on addressing sacramental needs and safety during the pandemic.

Members serve one year, two year or three year terms and are eligible for limited additional terms. Please join us in welcoming the members of the Pastoral Council and include us in your prayers as we continue to address the physical and spiritual needs of our Church and the faithful during these challenging times.

May God keep you and your loved ones in the palm of His hand as we weather this pandemic together with faith in his love and mercy.

Current Pastoral Council Members

IC Members & Terms

Kathy Betz, 1 yr

Mary Bragg, Secretary, 1 yr

Beth Brennan, 3 yrs

Chris Eagan, 2 yrs

Lucia Parker, 3 yrs

Carol Robertson, 2 yrs

Jonathan Temple, 3 yrs

Pat Temple, 2 yrs

Jim Williamson, Vice Chair, 1 yr


HR Members & Terms

Sue Coppinger, 3 yrs

Steve DiCamillo, 3 yrs

Amy Friend, 1 yr

Paula Higgins, 2 yrs


Ex Officio Members

Father Tim Harrison, Chair

Deacon Paul Dow

Aaron Giard

Deacon John Moranski