Collaborative Pastoral Council

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HRIC Collaborative Pastoral Council

We have completed our first full year and are seeking the names of people you think might be good candidates for this Council. We are now looking for parishioners who might be interested in serving in this capacity. At this point we would just like the names of people who might serve the parish in this way. Please list your own name if you are interested and/or the names of others. No need to ask them at this point—this will be done as the process unfolds. No one will be chosen for this Council until they fully understand what they are being asked to do and the time involved. This is just the initial surfacing of names.

The purpose of the Collaborative Pastoral Council is to assist the pastor in his leadership role of planning, organizing, initiating, promoting, coordinating, and reviewing the evangelization, worship, religious education, and service activities within the parish.

Current Pastoral Council Members

IC Members & Terms
Kathy Betz, 1 yr
Mary Bragg, Secretary, 1 yr
Chris Eagan, 2 yrs
Lucia Parker, 3 yrs
Carol Robertson, 2 yrs
Jonathan Temple, 3 yrs
Pat Temple, 2 yrs
Jim Williamson, Vice Chair, 1 yr

HR Members & Terms
Sue Coppinger, 3 yrs
Steve DiCamillo, 3 yrs
Amy Friend, 1 yr
Paula Higgins, 2 yrs

Ex Officio Members
Father Tim Harrison, Chair
Deacon Paul Dow
Aaron Giard
Deacon John Moranski