HR St. Vincent de Paul

The St. Vincent de Paul Society was established to serve those in need. “Love of God and Love of Neighbor” motivate their good works.

At Holy Redeemer, various activities fund outreach support for local community members in need. Call 978-346-8604 x 8 or email HR SVdP for more information.

Thank you for your consideration. If you are writing a check for us, please write the check to HR Saint Vincent de Paul. That will help expedite our banking.


The current pandemic impacts all of us but even more so those living at the margins of society economically. We at the HR St. Vincent DePaul conference remind you that our needs to help those people continue in earnest during these extraordinary times.

Our poor boxes are empty. Please continue to find ways to donate to support our efforts. Sending your Mite Box donations in the form of a check perhaps? Please send your donations to HR St. Vincent de Paul, 4 Green St., Merrimac, MA 01860. Please write the check to “HR Saint Vincent de Paul” to help expedite our banking.

In these times we turn to St. Teresa of Avila:

“Let nothing disturb you, nothing frighten you, all things are passing, God is unchanging. Patience gains all; nothing is lacking to those who have God: God alone is sufficient.”