Liturgical Ministries at Immaculate Conception

New July-August schedule has been sent out. 

Next request for NOT available dates for September-October are due August 15.

Thank you. Dr Mag McKinnon

Image result for altar server trainingCollaborative Altar Server Training

Anyone from the Collaborative parishes can join in our training sessions for Altar Servers. We are looking for young people: Rising grade 4 through grade 12.  

There are 3 Training sessions—all sessions are required (different skills are taught at each session.) New Training sessions will be offered in the fall 2017. (Fr Tim always leads the last session).

To sign up, please contact: Dr Mag  or 978-462-2724 ext 7405.


Position Descriptions of Liturgical Ministries

Below are the position descriptions for the following ministries:

Altar Servers (click here for training session 1) and (click here for training session 2) and (click here for training session 3)

Lectors (click here)

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (click here)

Videographers (click here)

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the hospital (click here)