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Wonder Park

NEW YORK (CNS) -- The most frequently used word in the animated adventure "Wonder Park" (Paramount) is "splendiferous."

Five Feet Apart

NEW YORK (CNS) -- "Five Feet Apart" (Lionsgate), a generally engaging young-adult romantic drama about the redeeming power of sacrificial love, is aimed, with the precision of a heat-seeking missile, at 17-year-old girls.

How the Irish built Catholic America

Denver, Colo. (CNA) -- The history of Catholic America is, in many ways, an Irish story, with immigrant congregations and their descendants putting their stamp on many churches across the country.

Healing priest leads Lenten mission at St. Stephen, Framingham

FRAMINGHAM -- Hundreds of people came to St. Stephen Parish March 11-13 to participate in a three-night Lenten mission for healing and hope conducted by Father James Blount, SOLT, a priest known nationally for his healing and deliverance ministry.

For Lent, Irish Catholics urged to abandon 'weapons of mass distraction'

DUBLIN (CNS) -- Alcohol, smoking and chocolates are some of the most well-known vices that people traditionally give up during Lent. But now Massgoers in Ireland are being urged to make what might be an even harder sacrifice throughout the penitential six-week period -- switching off their mobile phones.

Georgetown University troubled by coach's involvement in scam

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Officials at Georgetown University were "deeply troubled" to learn that the school's former tennis coach, Gordon Ernst, is alleged to be part of a widespread college admissions scandal.

Do you really know St. Patrick?

St. Patrick, patron saint of Nigeria (who wasn't Irish and wasn't the first Christian missionary to Ireland and didn't drive the snakes out), pray for us.

Ordination Class of 2019: Deacon Mark Olejnik

[This is the fourth in a series of articles profiling each of the 13 men who will be ordained to the priesthood on May 18.]

From Cardinal Seán's blog

Last Thursday evening, I attended a fundraising gala for the Paraclete Center held at Boston College High School. The center is an educational enrichment program that offers such things as homework assistance, tutoring, and enrichment classes to help Boston students in grades 4 through 8 achieve academic success.

Hundreds prepare to enter the Church with Rite of Election

MALDEN -- Nearly 500 people preparing to enter the Church at Easter gathered at Immaculate Conception Parish in Malden March 10 for the Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion. These ceremonies were one of the last steps for catechumens, who had never been baptized, and candidates, who are Christian but not Catholic, in their preparation to enter the Catholic Church.