IC Youth Religious Education

Welcome to our Youth Page for Middle School and High School students!

Please see how you can become involved in the coming year's activities listed below or share your own ideas with us.

Melinda Burrell, Acting Director

Check out our Advent 2017 calendar.  Suggestions based on Loyola Press.

IC Youth Religious Education

 Summer Religious Education 2018 

Parents receive a homeschool curriculum to review with their child/ren during the school year to assist their child/ren in retaining what they learned over the summer session.

A Catechetical login sheet for 2018 is to be completed by Spring 2018 for Summer 2018 enrollment.  Summer 2019 Catechetical Events Login Sheet to be eligible for the summer 2019. 
Please complete at least 5 activities/events by June 1 to be eligible to register for Summer religious education and record on login Sheet.

Thank you for your participation in our Summer programs.  Please enjoy the slideshows from June and July.

June 2017

July 2017

Immaculate Conception Church—Newburyport, MA—Syllabus and Curricula 2018-2019

Grades 7-8 September--Grades 7-8 on Sunday mornings 10:05-11:05am.

Parent Letter

Registration form for Sunday morning and Monday evening classes. will be posted soon.

Schedule for Grades 7-8 see right-hand column, page 1-Sunday, page 2-Monday

Grades 7-8:  

Religious Education Calendar 2018-2019 and Syllabus of 30 hours of formation are required by the Archdiocese of Boston.  In addition to our sessions, we are including the once a month Youth Mass.  In this way, the youth will experience both liturgy and catechesis as part of their formation which will far exceed the required 30 hours.

Catholicism: This middle school subscription includes 22 videos and lesson plans, plus activities and assessments for each video.  Assembled as a virtual tool-kit, each catechist can easily use some or all of the content, which also can be shared in the classroom or via a link for one-to-one learning or at-home use.  Bishop Robert Barron, a trusted source of authentic Church teaching, brings students around the world and deeper into the Faith.  http://www.wordonfire.org/resources/subscription/catholicism-school-enrichment---middle-school-individual-teachercatechist-license/5112/ and lessons from formed.org.

We are also required to teach a child safety curriculum.  It is Created to Love for Grades 6-8.  http://www.respectlifeeducation.com  Thank you for sharing our faith with your child/ren.

Service Activities

Our Teens and fellow adults of the Collaborative made fleece blankets for the Pregnancy Care Center, Haverhill on December 10, 2017.


Families created scarves and mittens for the homeless and were donated to the Hope Valley Mission Project.

Our Grade 3 students collected items for the military through Operation Love from Home.