IC Haiti Hurricane Matthew Response

Please Help Us Respond


We must act now.

As you know, a major hurricane has hit the Southern department of Haiti – the same area where the Fr. Marc Piche school, built and supported by IC-Haiti, is located.  This is the worst storm to hit Haiti in 65 years, and led to over 40 inches of rain on the deforested mountainsides, creating floods and mudslides.  The UN is calling it the worst humanitarian disaster to hit Haiti since the 2010 earthquakes.

Damage is dramatic and severe.  Roofs have been torn off of homes; what roads there were have flooded; the main bridge which connected the area to the road leading to Port-au-Prince has been washed away, leaving the entire region cut off from immediate access to clean food or water.

The Fr. Marc Piche School in Puit Chacha provided sound shelter for many members of the community who were without it during the storm, for which we are incredibly grateful.  But the devastation in the area will take tremendous time, effort, and funds to repair.

In addition to help with infrastructure repairs, it will take a major recovery effort to ensure the health of the Puit Chacha families.  From past experience, we know that outbreaks of cholera inevitably follow flooding in Haiti: thousands of Haitians have died of cholera – which is entirely curable with the right supplies – since it was introduced in 2010.  Spikes in food prices are guaranteed also, as the usual market routes are cut off.

We are asking your help to do what we can for the community in Puit Chacha.  We are raising emergency funds to directly support the hurricane recovery efforts.

Please consider making a donation of any amount through the PayPal button by visiting ichaiti.org, or by sending your check to IC-Haiti at 42 Green Street, Newburyport MA, 01950. Also, please take part in the IC-Haiti raffle for the beautiful quilt created by parishioner Carol Robertson– and please consider making a larger donation of any amount by writing a check to IC-Haiti. Every dollar counts during this critical time – and as we are an all-volunteer organization, every dollar will go to Haiti.

The community of Puit Chacha and the surrounding area counts on us.  It is our privilege and our responsibility to do everything we can.