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Let Us Hear From YOU

How can we foster a welcoming community?                          How can we assist in the growth of vocations?
How do we form disciples eager to share their love of Christ?        How can we better serve our communities and our Collaborative?

Please Join the Conversation - Contact Our Pastoral Plan Writing Team - We Welcome Your Ideas and Participation


Our Collaborative was featured in Susan Abbott's October 7, 2016 article in The Pilot.                                   Click here to read the article.

 Disciples in Mission (DIM) Resources of Interest

For further information on Disciples in Mission:

The New Evangelization: www.disciplesinmission.com

Helping Catholic leaders build amazing parishes: www.amazingparish.org

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Available at the back of each Church:

  • Disciples in Mission - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Evangelizing Parishes
  • Forming Disciples in Mission: workshop schedule
    and locations
  • The Pilot is available on our website - hriccatholic.org

Disciples in Mission and the New Evangelization
Our Collaborative Town Hall

Our Collaborative of Holy Redeemer-Immaculate Conception Parishes recently took center stage in the Disciples in Mission column by Susan Abbott. The column, which was published in the October 7 issue of The Pilot, captured the essence of our Town Hall evening and offered positive feedback and encouraging support for our Collaborative and our Pastoral Planning work. You can read Susan Abbott’s column in our online Bulletin for October 15 and through our online links to The Pilot on our Collaborative website at www.hriccatholic.org.
Our thanks go out to both Susan Abbott of the Archdiocese Pastoral Planning Office and Patrick Krisak of the Archdiocese Office of Training and Support for sharing their experiences and offering encouragement as they spoke of other parishes also working to create a place of willing discipleship. In short, how do we develop a community committed to joyfully living and sharing the Good News of Christ?

According to Susan Abbott, our success will depend on focusing on Prayer: private, personal and intentional; Communication: involving regular information sharing, active listening to those of us in the pews and reaching out to those who are not; and exhibiting a kindness in our work with one another as we create the blueprint for our future.

Patrick Krisak called our attention to the vast array of re-sources available to collaboratives and individuals through-out the Archdiocese. Patrick’s recommendations are high-lighted in the “Places of Interest” column.

The success of our Church depends on the people of the Church. The Pastoral Plan belongs to all of us and needs to be shaped by all of us. Your interest and participation are welcomed and necessary.

“Let Us Hear From You” is designed to encourage our on-going dialogue and the “Contacts” box introduces several members of the Writing Team who are happy to respond to your comments and questions, your ideas and your involvement! This week, we look forward to your input on the four Priorities we are exploring as the foundation of our pastoral planning.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this inaugural event and the national survey. Stay tuned for more information and opportunities to meet as our work and the Plan progresses.

Let us hear from you.